Future Works Announces Official Launch: Unlocking Leaps in Innovation with Bespoke AI Solutions

Future Works launches its latest AI solutions, marking a turning point in business transformation as it pioneers innovations that already alter industries such as Aerospace, Real Estate, Energy and Climate Solutions

New York, NY, 27th April 2024, ZEX PR WIREFuture Works, in light of the increasing demand for AI-powered organizational changes, is thrilled to declare its merger and official launch, providing innovative solutions in AI-enabled digital products and business tactics. The organization has established a history of designing and implementing AI-powered digital solutions tailored according to the needs of their pioneering clients with strong business results.

Image Credits: Future Works

Future Works is quickly becoming a prominent authority in providing strategic guidance to organizations undergoing artificial intelligence (AI) transformations and wider technology supercycle adaptation, with a specific focus on sectors that require actionable insights and data security. Their achievements in sectors including aerospace, artificial intelligence, residential and commercial real estate, energy and climate solutions, smart cities and mobility, serve as evidence of this.

Future Works has developed a wide range of services since it was founded, all of which are intended to facilitate the successful transformation of AI. The aforementioned services comprise Strategy & Consulting, Product Design, Technology, Innovation & Growth, including the construction of Customized AI Models. Future Works achieves impressive results through the utilization of advanced AI tools and proprietary methodologies, which effectively optimize both strategic frameworks and operational efficiencies. Furthermore, the organization broadens its range of services to include the development of custom Large Language Models (LLMs). 

Future Works is now in the process of fully merging with its alma mater, a digital agency HOO KOO E KOO, leading to the creation of a single, unified entity. This merger has consolidated a decade of digital services for highest growth startups and Fortune 500 alike, for the implementation of AI, digital products, and transformation into a single offering. Future Works is now even better positioned to provide innovative solutions in the domain of AI-enabled digital products and business strategies due to this merged entity, propelling next-gen digital transformations for enterprise and mid-market clients.

The merger signifies not only an expansion but also a dedication to providing their clients with superior service offerings. The newly formed organization will offer an expanded selection of services, a more substantial group of skilled professionals, and advanced AI functionalities. The organization’s capacity to provide innovative solutions and enhance business strategies across diverse industries is a result of this collective expertise.

For more information on Future Works and its services, please visit https://future.works/.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCLXm032Lpg

About Future Works

Future Works, established in 2015, has grown from an innovative digital agency specializing in remote work to an industry leader in AI product development and innovation strategy consulting. The organization underwent a mission transition from its original name, HOO KOO E KOO, to encompass global challenges in the fields of Aerospace, Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Smart Cities and Climate Change. The organization has effectively managed economic difficulties by utilizing proprietary frameworks and methodologies powered by artificial intelligence.

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