Holly A. Ford Tapped To Host Groundbreaking Docuseries “High Risk” Exposing Unregulated THC Dangers

Holly A. Ford is set to host a compelling new docuseries titled “High Risk.” This eye-opening series delves into the hidden dangers of unregulated THC, the ease of obtaining medical marijuana cards, and the unspoken rules within the cannabis industry. It further explores significant gaps in legislation and enforcement that compromise consumer safety.

As an herbalist and co-founder of Cannabis10X with her partner Jason Tropf, Ford was the perfect choice to bring this story to life.

In “High Risk,” Ford’s candid interviews and investigative reporting will shine a light on the urgent need for stricter regulations and oversight in the rapidly expanding cannabis market.

“The cannabis industry is at a critical juncture,” she said. “While the potential benefits of medical marijuana are vast, the current lack of regulation and enforcement poses significant risks to consumers. ‘High Risk’ will raise awareness and hopes to drive meaningful change in how cannabis products are regulated and distributed.”

Ford takes viewers behind the scenes to uncover the truth about unregulated THC products and the alarming ease with which medical marijuana cards can be obtained.

The series features interviews with major players in the cannabis industry, doctors, and policymakers, providing a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities within the sector to protect consumers and ensure the safe use of cannabis products.

About Holly A. Ford

Holly A. Ford is a visionary leader dedicated to creating global impact through innovative business ventures. As the CEO of Cannabis10X and 10X Franchising, and the founder of Longevity 10X, Ford has spearheaded international franchises in cannabis, artificial intelligence, and longevity. She is also a best-selling author, speaker, and chairman of the Medici Foundation for Art & Music.

Ford’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve their own health, wealth, and happiness. Her work in the cannabis industry, particularly through the new docuseries “High Risk,” exemplifies her commitment to ensuring consumer safety and advocating for necessary regulatory reforms.

About Cannabis10X

Cannabis10X is America’s largest and fastest-growing curator of international cannabis franchise brands.

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