NETA Auto Global Published Snapdragon Ride Flex Cockpit and Vehicle Fusion Platform, Paving the Way for Intelligent Automotive 2.0

Beijing, China – On April 25th, 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has commenced., and NETA brought its flagship models such as NETA L, NETA S, and NETA GT to the stage, presenting the audience with a feast of green travel and technological innovation. Accelerating the brand value of “Tech for All,” NETA Auto, in collaboration with Qualcomm and AutoLink, jointly released the Snapdragon Ride Flex (SA8775P) cockpit-drive fusion platform globally. Furthermore, for the first time, NETA GPT, the large-scale AI model-based product, is about to be implemented onboard NETA L, heralding a new era of AI Large Scale-defined automobile.

The new model NETA L was debuted in the exhibition, positioned as a “Super Intelligent Extended-range SUV for Family,” targeting independent young families with new consumption concept, aiming to create a home that is not only safer and allows for extended journey but also visually appealing, exceptionally comfortable, acoustically pleasing, and intelligently advanced. NETA L will be the first model equipped with NETA GPT. Additionally, as a global model, it plans to enter the Southeast Asian market in the third quarter of 2024 and gradually enter the Middle East, America, and Africa market in the fourth quarter, with plans to expand into the European market in the first quarter of 2025.

Co-founder and CEO of NETA Auto, Mr. Zhang Yong stated that the theme of the auto show, “Pioneering a New Era of AI Large-scale Model Defined Cars,” represents NETA ‘s commitment to implementing their “All In AI” strategy and accelerating the realization of their brand value of “Tech for All”.

Global Debut of the Snapdragon Ride Flex (SA8775P), Intelligent Cockpit to Auto-driving Fusion Platform.

At the event, NETA Auto, alongside Qualcomm and AutoLink, officially unveiled the Snapdragon Ride Flex (SA8775P) cockpit-to-drive fusion platform globally. This innovative platform integrates cutting-edge technology, challenging the industry’s current understanding of intelligent cockpit experiences. NETA Auto becomes the first new energy vehicle brand to adopt the Snapdragon Ride Flex (SA8775P) cockpit-to-drive fusion platform. We aim to achieve mass production of vehicles equipped with this technology in the second quarter of 2025, further cementing NETA Auto’s leadership in the advancement of intelligent driving cabins.

Compared to existing cockpit fusion systems on the market, the Snapdragon Ride Flex (SA8775P) cockpit-to-drive fusion platform uniquely supports both digital cockpits and intelligent driving functions through a single SoC. It boasts powerful performance and leading advantages in CPU, GPU, and NPU processing capabilities, supporting a wide range of complex intelligent cockpit functions such as immersive 3D real-time rendering, 8K ultra-high-definition displays, and state-of-the-art low-latency sound effects. Furthermore, it meets ASIL-D level functional safety standards, positioning it as a comprehensive top performer. When compared to NETA Auto’s previous generation cockpit systems, it offers comprehensive upgrades and optimizations, unlocking limitless possibilities for NETA Auto’s future intelligent vehicles.

The Snapdragon Ride Flex (SA8775P) cockpit-to-drive fusion platform, coupled with NETA Auto’s independently developed multi-screen interaction and multi-modal interaction features, offers users an unparalleled driving, entertainment, comfort, and safety experience. Integrated with NETA Auto’s industry-leading edge-side Large Scale technology, the performance of the intelligent driving system has been significantly enhanced, providing users with robust privacy and security protection while delivering a personalized intelligent experience to each user.

The Large-scale AI Model-based Product, NETA GPT, makes Its first implemented

NETA L was globally launched on April 22nd as a “Family Intelligent Super Range SUV.” Its super range feature enables a total range of up to 1070 kilometers when fully fueled and charged. Both the driver and passenger seats are equipped with multi-directional electric adjustment capabilities, offering the industry’s largest hip angle of 123°, providing a genuine zero-gravity seating experience. The seats offer four-way leg support adjustment, four-way lumbar adjustment, and feature welcome function, memory function, ventilation, heating, and massage. With 8-point massage, 5 modes, and 3 intensities, it includes a unique one-touch SPA mode exclusive to its segment. NETA L utilizes CATL’s cutting-edge ShenXing battery, known for its ultra-long lifespan and exceptional safety. It is installed within a “space-grade” high-strength cage-like safety body constructed with aerospace-grade steel. With the support of NETA GPT, NETA L can engage in precise conversations with individuals and accurately understand their intentions and needs, transforming the car into a truly intelligent mobile space.

A New Global Chapter: NETA entered African market for the first time

As a pioneer and leader in China EV industry, NETA has accelerated its globalization process under the strategy of “Deepening ASEAN markets and expanding globally”. In 2023, NETA export volume exceeded 20,000 units with a growth rate of 567%. Its overseas footprint now spans Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America, gaining recognition from over 400,000 users worldwide.

At the exhibition, global partners gathered at the NETA booth, where NETA officially signed cooperation agreements with Egyptian distributor group NATCO Automotive Group and Kenyan distributor HIVIEW, marking the company’s entry into the African market for the first time and further expanding NETA global layout.

Accelerating globalization and opening new routes, NETA Auto reached a formal agreement with Malaysian conglomerate Intro Synergy Sdn Bhd at the exhibition to establish a KD factory in Malaysia. This signifies the imminent construction of NETA Malaysia factory, with production expected to commence in January 2025 with an annual capacity of 30,000 vehicles. This move aims to enhance the global delivery capabilities of NETA products to meet the growing demand in the global EV market. NETA will also collaborate with local partners to build a complete industry chain in Malaysia, including supply chains, sales channels, after-sales services, and charging facilities, contributing to the development of Malaysia’s EV industry.

According to the plan, in the third quarter of 2024, NETA L will focus on Southeast Asia, with launches scheduled in the Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and other markets. In the fourth quarter, NETA L will enter the Middle East, the Americas, and Africa, including markets such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Lebanon, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria. In the first quarter of 2025, NETA L will expand into Europe, with launches planned in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and other countries.

With a commitment to innovation and technological strength, NETA Auto is determined to go “All In AI” and enter the era of intelligent automobiles 2.0, accelerating the promotion of “Tech for All” to provide global users with better products and services, advancing towards “NETA for the world”.

About NETA Auto

NETA Auto, a brand of Hozon New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (Hozon), is a leading innovator in the smart EV industry. With a focus on “Tech for all” and “Touchable Smart EV”, NETA Auto develops high-quality EVs and cutting-edge technologies. Its lineup includes popular models such as the NETA AYA (NETA V-II), NETA X, NETA L, NETA GT, and the NETA S. NETA Auto is dedicated to bringing smart EVs to the global mass consumer market, introducing new models each year and covering the mainstream A0-B segments. The brand has also developed the “Shanhai Platform,” an intelligent and safe car platform, and HOZI Technology, which is committed to developing advanced technologies.

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