Underwear Industry Event: 2024 China Intimate Apparel Culture Week and the 19th China International Brand Underwear Fair Opened in Shenzhen

China, 13th May 2024 – April 19th, the three-day 2024 China Intimate Apparel Culture Week and the 19th SIUF China International Brand Underwear Fair opened at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian).  Over 1,500 well-known enterprises in the upstream and downstream industries of the lingerie industry participated in SIUF2024.

At present, Shenzhen’s underwear industry has progressed from initial OEM processing to establishing independent brands, and subsequently leading the development trend of lingerie in China, continuously achieving industrial upgrading and innovation, attracting and cultivating a multitude of leading enterprises and brands. It has become one of the first batch of “National Industrial Cluster Regional Brand Construction Demonstration Zones” recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the only national textile regional brand demonstration zone in the underwear industry.

The scale of SIUF2024 is nearly 100000 square meters, with 9 themed exhibition halls and exhibiting a complete range of categories, covering underwear, home clothing, socks, swimwear, towels, children’s home clothing, yarn, surface accessories, underwear accessories, sewing equipment and other industrial chains of tens of thousands of categories, achieving one-stop procurement and cooperative development.

Eye-catching original design. In the Chinese Underwear Fashion Trend area, we provide multiple display space outside the booth for exhibitors with scientific and technological innovation and unique design capabilities, and provide product planning, design inspiration, collection selection and exchange and trading sharing space for brands, factories, designers, supply chain procurement and textile colleges.

Fashionable elements that attract attention. During SIUF2024, more than 80 lingerie shows took turns, with six major industrial clusters in Yanbu, Yishan, Dongyang, Jinjiang, Xiaolan, and Shenzhen jointly presenting dynamic fashion aesthetics that integrate Chinese design spirit and global lingerie trends.

Three top contests face off, with the brightly emergence of new forces. The 12th ‘ Charm of Oriental · China International Underwear Creative Design Contest Finals, the 12th’ Charm of Oriental · China International Original Homewear Creative Design Contest Finals, “Langerie” 11th SIUF International Supermodel Contest Finals were successfully held.

Hu Zhibin, president of Shenzhen Underwear Industry Association and chairman of RACHEE International Holdings Co., LTD., stated that the theme of this year’s China Underwear Culture Week is “Rejuvenating Oriental Craftsmanship for New Fashion”, focusing on brand strength, design innovation, cultural inheritance, technological innovation, industrial upgrading and other aspects. It covers rich content such as trend releases, professional events, award ceremonies, summit forums, exhibitions and displays, deeply integrating the entire underwear industry chain, promoting industrial concept innovation, business model innovation, and consumption upgrading. Shenzhen Underwear Industry Association gathers momentum to build Shenzhen underwear regional brand, relying on the basic advantages of Shenzhen underwear industry, and vigorously promote the transformation of the underwear industry “design +”, “digital +” and “technology +”.

Xia Lingmin, secretary general of the China Textile Industry Federation, said that this year’s China International Brand Underwear Fair is a high-end platform for showcasing domestic and foreign brand underwear and domestic lingerie production bases. Based on the Chinese lingerie industry and with international brand exhibitions as the main body, it has formed an international business platform that integrates underwear brand promotion, cultural dissemination, display and trading, high-end dialogue, market development, and wealth creation. It fully showcases new technologies, products, brands, and formats throughout the entire industry chain from ready to wear brands to face accessories, fully showcasing the new ecology of China’s fashion industry, which is full of vitality and vitality. It is hoped that Guangdong underwear industry can take the lead in following the example, continue to leverage the advantages of location and business system, and fully leverage to the platform role of Shenzhen Underwear Fair; Support enterprises to carry out technological exchanges and cooperation, and jointly enhance the technological innovation capabilities of large, medium, and small enterprises; Strengthen the guidance of fashion creativity, enhance the research and development design capabilities and brand influence of underwear enterprises; Guide enterprises to expand the application scenarios of digital technology, comprehensively improve the level of digital intelligence of enterprises, and empower the high-quality development of the underwear industry with new quality productivity.

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