XOOCITY Achieves Impressive Milestone of 1.5 Million Users and Ready for Exchange Listings on Bifinance and XT

Hong Kong S.A.R., 1st May 2024 – XOOCITY, the leading metaverse platform offering immersive cultural experiences, is thrilled to announce a significant achievement of reaching 1.5 million users. This remarkable milestone highlights the widespread appeal and popularity of XOOCITY’s virtual world experience, firmly establishing it as a front-runner in the metaverse industry.

By leveraging its innovative “CitiFi” model and the vibrant landscape of Hong Kong, XOOCITY has successfully created a localized city lifestyle within the metaverse. This achievement showcases the platform’s commitment to elevating and satisfying people’s spirits and desires in a virtual world experience.

Users of XOOCITY can engage in a multitude of activities, including trading, touring, working, education, and socializing, all within the virtual realm. This diverse range of offerings has contributed to the platform’s exponential growth and user loyalty. The sense of belonging to a community within XOOCITY fosters a strong connection between users and the platform itself.

To further enhance the user experience and facilitate seamless transactions, XOOCITY is excited to announce the presales of its native cryptocurrency, XOO Token. As one of the common currencies within the platform, XOO Token enables closed-loop transactions for various commercial and entertainment activities, including commercial trade, entertainment games, and the purchase of NFTs. This integration of cryptocurrency streamlines business transactions, enhances user experience and provides users with profitable tools.

In line with its commitment to providing a comprehensive metaverse ecosystem, XOOCITY is pleased to announce that the XOO Token will be listed on Bifinance.com and XT.com crypto exchange. This listing will enable users and investors to easily access and trade XOO Tokens, further expanding the token’s reach and utility. The listing on crypto exchanges signifies a significant step forward for XOOCITY and its vision of creating a thriving virtual economy within the metaverse.

“We are thrilled to have achieved the remarkable milestone of 1.5 million users on XOOCITY,” said Jay, COO at XOOCITY. “This achievement is a testament to the widespread appeal of our immersive cultural experiences and the dedication of our team. We are excited to introduce the presales of XOO Token and its upcoming listing on crypto exchanges, which will further enhance the user experience and contribute to the growth of our metaverse ecosystem.”

XOOCITY continues to innovate and provide users with an unparalleled virtual world experience. With its impressive user reach, presales of XOO Token, and listing on crypto exchanges, XOOCITY is poised to revolutionize the metaverse industry and shape the future of virtual experiences.

For more information about XOOCITY and the upcoming XOO Token distribution and listing, please visit the official website at https://www.xoocity.com



XOOCITY is a leading global ecosystem platform based on WEB3 technology. By leveraging blockchain technology, metaverse scenes and apps, and decentralized governance (DAOs), XOOCITY creates an immersive and inclusive metaverse for users worldwide. The platform offers integrated solutions such as metaverse scene construction, NFT services, and technical support while promoting cross-cultural exchange and innovation.

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