PEPEWIFHAT, The Dankest Meme on SOLANA Blockchain, Puts The Hat Back On

Bucharest, Romania — Pepewifhat ($pepewifhat) took the most recognizable meme on the internet and put the hat back on. The creator of the meme, CADDiE, was nostalgically thinking of the euphoric time when the $PEPE token on Ethereum first launched and a meme of Pepe the Frog wearing a red hat saying “MAKE MEMES GREAT AGAIN” surfaced. Because of the political implications, the community decided to depict Pepe sans hat, but this reflection served as an opportunity to put the hat back on Pepe, this time with a new look and energy. When asked how he came up with the meme, CADDiE insists it was “pure luck,” and he went on to say, “I thought the red hat looked dank on Pepe, as green and red go so well together.” (should probably add something about dogwifhat here, and the meme within a meme idea)

With its origin on the SOLANA Blockchain ($SOL), $pepewifhat first launched as a “fair launch” token on the memecoin incubator. The website allows developers to launch with a low cost of .02 $SOL ($2.90 at the time of writing this article), driving creativity and allowing the market to truly decide the next winning memecoin. In the event the coin catches first and reaches a $60,000 market-cap, it achieves what is called the bonding curve—the required market-cap to move off and migrate trading with a locked liquidity pool on Raydium, a decentralized finance (deli) DEX swap and liquidity pool app based on the SOLANA Blockchain. At launch $pepewifhat saw an influx of volume and smashed the glass ceiling, skyrocketing to a $10,000,000 market-cap in just 3 days time.

(This week, pepewifhat) The token secured a Centralized Exchange listing on BitMart (I think a little data about bitmart would be good here 450 million in the last 24h volume, and nearly $90 million USD held in assets, according to coin marketcap), with more CEX listings to be announced soon. The community run token also boasts a market maker partnership with GoBit. Pepewifhat wants to remind you, the hat stays on.

The red hat has been taking over profile pictures all over X, “putting a hat on” has become the symbol of joining the community and spreading the word of $pepewifhat. Additionally there is a meme generator to create your own pepewifhat memes to post on X and other social media platforms. You can find the meme generator on iur website. Along with twitter spaces with hundreds of attendees daily, there has been over 30 songs written about the pepewifhat meme, as well as thousands of meme pictures and videos, making it one of the strongest and most creative communities in the memecoin sphere (or something along these lines lol) 

Every swap of $pepewifhat can be executed with complete confidence – it is a 0% tax token has a perfect score on solid proof audit and dextools. The community decided to burn the Raydium liquidity pool, and also raised a 7% of total token allocation multisig treasury, earmarked for CEX listings, marketmakers, marketing, etc.). In comparison, the OG $Pepe token had a treasury set aside of 6% of total token allocation. This ensures the community can swap and hold $pepewifhat tokens without the fear of liquidity being removed without notice.

Check out the #pepewifhat website here: and stay tuned for upcoming announcements of additional CEX listings Market Makers and Merch Store.


Company Name- Pepewifhat

Contact Person- Media Relations


Country- United States


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