PIZZA SPACE: Value blind box for NFT to carry out multiple ecology

 In the new era led by digital assets and blockchain technology, we are standing at the forefront of the intersection of history and the future. From the emergence of Bitcoin to the bright bloom of NFT non-homogenized tokens and inscriptions, every step is a brave exploration of the unknown world.

 After the recent halving of BTC, the positive sentiment around the Ordinals and Runes agreements seems to have reached all-time highs. Similarly, the top Ordinals collections has soared. Currently, three of the top six NFT collections in market value exist on the Bitcoin blockchain in the form of inscription runes: Runestones, NodeMonkes, and Bitcoin Puppets. To sum up, whether BRC-20 or Ethereum NFT, BNB NFT, Solana NFT, etc. of smart contract chain, they all point to NFT as a promising track, which can be narrated and is an important part of web3 with data right confirmation.


 PIZZA SPACE CLUB —— A visionary project, launched by the Buttonwood Tree Fund, was inspired by the historic moment of buying two pizzas in 10,000 bitcoins. We are not only paying tribute to history, but also paving the way for the future of digital assets. PIZZA SPACE CLUB With its core unique innovation, it redefined the digital market and combined NFT and cutting-edge inscription technology to create a NFT and inscription rune trading market with high community stickiness.

 At the core of our mission is an active community linked through shared interests and rewarded for participation. From pledging an NFT to opening a mysterious blind box full of valuable digital assets, every member can find value and recognition in our ecosystem. It is such use scenarios, NFT shows the innovation of often make people shine, NFT + open blind box play has become popular and attention.

 PIZZA SPACE Will be launched on OKX platform, let users participate in NFT and link with the blind box, making both related and playable, which not only increases the sense of participation, but also provides more opportunities for community members to interact.


The launch of the pizza program not only marks the diversified development of the NFT market, but also provides effective investment and research information for users to participate in the mainstream value currency, and brings new vitality and development direction to the whole industry. Through this program, community members can grow to each other, learn more about the pie, and work together to advance the Crypto culture. As the NFT and inscription rune markets surge, PIZZA SPACE CLUB is on the way, capturing the opportunity for a bull market to take digital assets to new heights. We are not only building a platform, we are also shaping the future.

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