SVOLT Energy: GWM Focuses on New Energy Development

Changzhou, China – On April 21, GWM global partner representatives and media friends visited SVOLT Energy and Production Plant in Changzhou to learn about GWM’s new energy technology development, R&D achievements and production capabilities, and to explore GWM’s outstanding achievements and potential in the new energy field.

During this visit, SVOLT Energy focused on demonstrating the technical level of motors, electronic controls, and batteries. Overseas media from Europe, Latin America and ASEAN regions, and partners from Latin America, North Africa and other regions explored the SVOLT Energy Laboratory and production line to learn about the development performance.

Global partners and media watched the short-blade battery safety test, vibration test, sea water soaking test, salt fog test and penetration test, which demonstrated the strength and technology of GWM’s new energy batteries. The results were highly praised and appreciated.

The visiting media representatives said that the penetration test vividly demonstrated the extremely high safety of GWM’s battery technology. Many visitors expressed their amazement when they witnessed the efficient battery production process and the technology level behind the production. The media were very enthusiastic about the implementation and utilization of the battery products and expressed that these technologies will bring changes and hope for the future of new energy vehicles. Through this visit, global partners and media expressed high support for GWM’s development in battery production and new energy fields, which further strengthened their confidence in cooperation with GWM.

GWM has always been committed to integrating technological empowerment into product manufacturing, promoting the improvement of product quality and accelerating the development of technology through continuous technological updates and iterations. After years of hard work, SVOLT Energy has become a powerful enterprise with thousands of R&D and production patents in the field of new energy. It has established a complete production system and has deployed multiple R&D and production bases around the world.

In addition to promoting localized R&D and production in many places around the world, the new energy products developed by GWM are also actively oriented to the global market, deepening the brand’s R&D and production capabilities based on diverse global needs. At present, GWM has successfully promoted the implementation and production of the SVOLT Energy project in Thailand, and achieved localized supply of batteries in only 5 months. This achievement represents GWM’s introduction of leading production technology in the power industry to the world, providing strong support for achieving global new energy sustainable development goals.

In the future, GWM will continue to be committed to new energy product manufacturing, R&D investment, promote the sustainable development of the automotive industry, and make greater contributions to achieving the global sustainable development goals.

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